Advanced Programs-Rocket Shop

The Rocket Shop is an organization area within Aerojet Rocketdyne that supports a wide range of programs and technology developments. The Rocket Shop's role is to develop innovative energetic products for entry into new markets, lead internal and contractual research and development projects, and pursue non-traditional technologies for emerging opportunities.

Development of new products and businesses for entry into new/adjacent markets

  • Systems Integrator in niche markets
  • Specialty weapons
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Military Power (AMP): mobile power, renewable energy, distributed smart power

Capture and management of research and technology efforts that support Business Units

  • Traditional and non-traditional product areas
  • Advanced materials
  • Propellants & energetic ingredients
  • Advanced manufacturing processes

Maturation of critical programs through their development and tech demo phases

  • T3 / Next Generation air dominance Missile
  • Advanced Interim Interceptor warhead
  • Standard Missile-3 Block IIB
  • Large Class Stage 2