Architecture Development

Aerojet Rocketdyne designs and develops architectures for space transportation and exploration. As much as 98% of material launched to reach space or maneuver in space is related to propulsion. Therefore the type of propulsion used, and how the propulsion is used, has a large impact on space architecture and mission cost and efficiency. We leverage over 70 years of experience in solid, liquid, and electric propulsion development  to identify, optimize, and develop optimized architectures for launch and in space transportation.

Architecture studies

  • Heavy Lift Propulsion Technology Architecture for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS)
  • Ride the Light Architecture for NASA evaluation of laser powered launch vehicles and satellites
  • Solar Electric Propulsion Tug (SEP Tug) Architecture in collaboration with NASA under a Space Act Agreement
  • Electrically Propelled Cargo Spacecraft for Sustained Lunar Supply Operations
  • Asteroid Exploration and Retrieval
  • Space Debris Removal Architecture



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