Atlas V Solid Rocket Motor

The Atlas V Solid Rocket Motor designated AJ-60A was developed from 1999 to 2003 as a commercial low cost strap-on booster for the Atlas V launch vehicle. The motor is configured with a thrust profile that reduces aerodynamic loads during max-Q and thrust-differential during tail-off. It can be configured for other applications that require a different case length and/or attach interface requirement. It could also be used as an in-line stage for small launch vehicles or strategic missiles.

The composite graphite fiber and Aramid-filled EPDM insulation monolithic motor case has no segmented joints, thus eliminating historical failure modes and provides functional and operational simplicity. At 62” in diameter and 669” in length, it is the largest monolithic motor currently in production in the world.

The motor nozzle is fixed at a 3-degree cant but it can be upgraded with a flexseal TVC for steering. Both the throat and exit cone are fabricated with carbon-phenolic composite materials.

We are very proud of our 100% mission success performance! Our motors have supported commercial, NASA, USAF and NRO launches.