AR Coleman Aerospace Advanced Programs

Aerojet Rocketdyne Coleman Aerospace applies its diverse engineering talents with two decades of suborbital launch system experience to design of systems, equipment, and processes for space launch, missile defense, commercial transportation, homeland security, and environmental protection and remediation.

Our experience includes:

  • Expendable and reusable space boosters for small satellites
  • Advanced missile avionics for extreme environments
  • Power and delivery systems for directed energy weapons
  • Sensing of breaches and habitation of shipping containers
  • Sensing for prediction and prevention of rail system failures
  • Efficient screening of airport baggage
  • Air launch systems for responsive space access
  • Delivery of systems for highly responsive global intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
  • Aerospace vehicle concept development for structures, avionics, and payload integration
  • Architecture and operational concept definition
  • Low and high fidelity aerospace vehicle performance simulation
  • Prototype integration testing