MPS-120XW™ CubeSat High-Impulse Adaptable


MPS-120XW™ CubeSat High-Impulse Adaptable Modular Propulsion System (CHAMPS) is a 1U x 2U hydrazine propulsion system that provides both primary propulsion and 3-axis control capabilities in a single package. The system is designed for CubeSat customers needing significant ΔV capabilities including constellation deployment, orbit maintenance, attitude control, momentum management, and de-orbit.

Specifications and PerformanceMPS-120

  • Dimensions: 20 cm x 10 cm x 11.35 cm
  • Mass: <2.4 kg Dry, <3.2 kg Wet
  • Operational Temperature Range: +5°C to +50°C
  • Command Method: Digital or Discreet Analog 5 V
  • Power Consumption: <4 W Startup, <1 W Operation
  • Operational Voltage: 5 V Nominal
  • BOL Thrust: 2.79 N (high thrust) to 0.26 N (low thrust) per thruster
  • Minimum Impulse Bit (at blowdown-averaged feed pressure): 0.00484 to 0.000467 N-sec per thruster

22 CFR 125.4(b)(13) applicable

Development Status

  • In Development


  • Coming Soon