Materials Engineering

Aerojet’s Materials Engineering department has a highly skilled staff with a broad experience base in the areas of metallics, composites, ablatives, refractory materials, and multiple standard and exotic joining techniques.  The majority of our staff conducts hands-on laboratory and instrumental analysis so they can stay intimately involved in the details of the work and keep abreast of the latest developments in the materials industry.

Materials Engineering complements Aerojet’s other engineering disciplines and Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) by providing materials characterization, process development, production program support, and other design support functions.  We develop innovative materials and processes solutions ranging from coating applications, additive manufacturing techniques, dissimilar materials joining, and applications of powder metallurgy so that we can help our design teams meet the performance needs of any application.  We are also well-versed and highly experienced with the rigorous materials and processes requirement flow-downs for NASA and Missile Defense Agency (MDA) programs.

In addition, many of our Materials Engineers are trained in and regularly employ Six-Sigma, Design for Six-Sigma, and LEAN principles as part of regular program support to minimize development costs and enhance overall affordability.