RS-68 Engine

The RS-68 is an unparalleled engine evolved from the proven power of Aerojet Rocketdyne’s dependable rocket engine family.  The engine was commercially developed for the United Launch Alliance Delta IV family of rockets. Since its certification in 2001, the RS-68 has boosted numerous payloads that include satellites vital to worldwide communication, navigation, research, weather production and national security. 

Program Milestones

  • September 1998: First test firing 
  • December 2001: First certification – Delta IV vehicle
  • November 2002: First flight – Delta IV first launch

Components Featured on

  • Delta IV launch vehicle 


  • Commercially-developed liquid hydrogen/oxygen engine
  • Provides 663,000 pounds of thrust
  • Produces more than 17 million horsepower
  • One RS-68 fuel pump is equal to the power of 16 locomotives
  • Simplified design with fewer parts
  • Lower development and production costs