Software Engineering

The Software Engineering organization has developed high-reliability software systems for well over 30 years. As an early adopter of the Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) maturity models (CMM and CMMI), our mature processes and skilled staff have proven successful on a variety of projects ranging from large, human-rated control systems to infrastructure support tools.CMMI Logo

Established and refined over many years, the Aerojet Rocketdyne software development processes provide a foundation for managed and predictable software programs.  Our processes are tailored and scaled to meet the needs of individual programs, ensuring a rigorous set of checks and balances for highly critical applications, while allowing a more agile approach when applicable.

Our Products Include:

  • Mission Critical Embedded Software Systems
  • Power Management & Distribution Software
  • Test Stand Control & Data Acquisition
  • Ground & Mission Support Data Systems
  • Automated & Special Test Equipment Software
  • Workflow & Database Tools
  • Complex Software Systems Integration & Support
  • Embedded Software Verification & Validation
  • Hardware In-the Loop Lab Development & Verification

The software team is adept at developing stand-alone software products and software that is highly integrated with complex electronic and hardware systems.  We have proven our ability to work autonomously and deliver on requirements, as well as to work in a collaborative environment with the customer to define and develop products.

From large to small, embedded to general purpose, and government to commercial, the Aerojet Rocketdyne Software Engineering organization has the people, skills, and processes to deliver.