Redmond, WA - Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements

Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements

Quality Assurance Terms and Conditions will be incorporated by reference in individual Requests for Quotation ("RFQs") and Purchase Orders ("Orders"). Please refer to the RFQs or Orders for the applicable document and revision level. Copies will not be provided with individual RFQs or Orders. When this form is referenced on an RFQ the words "Request for Quotation" will be substituted for "Order" and "Purchase Order" appearing therein. General Quality Requirements shall applies to all RFQs and Orders. Additional quality assurance requirements may apply, and will be incorporated in individual RFQs and Orders by clause number that apply to the items being solicited or procured.

When a quality assurance specification is defined in a purchase order, the supplier’s quality assurance system must meet the requirements of that specification. The level of the quality or inspection system required will depend upon the type of hardware being procured. Approval of the supplier’s quality system may be obtained through an on-site survey of the supplier’s plant by an Aerojet Rocketdyne Quality Assurance Representative, through evaluation of the supplier’s quality assurance procedure or through evidence of acceptability of the supplier’s quality or inspection system to other industry prime contractors.

When quality note E12 appears on the purchase order, the supplier is required to complete the Aerojet Rocketdyne Special Processes Certification form, SS40809, within 30 days of acceptance of the purchase order or prior to the start of parts fabrication/processing, whichever comes first.

When quality note E01 appears on the purchase order, the supplier is required to submit with each shipment a legible Certification of Conformance that meets the applicable requirements of clause E01 in the QA Terms and Conditions. The supplier may utilize the Aerojet Rocketdyne C of C template or supplier's equivalent (provided it contains all the required information).

When quality note F02 appears on the purchase order, the supplier is required to submit one First Article Inspection (FAI) report per the conditions of the quality note and for each revision of the Aerojet or customer drawing.

If a nonconformance is discovered by the supplier, and if MRB authority has not been granted; follow instructions in purchase order line item via Quality Note or submit the Supplier Nonconformance Request Datasheet (SNRD) (form SS40916) to Procurement for processing. Note: the supplier's nonconformance report may be submitted provided that it addresses the root cause and corrective/preventive action. NONCONFORMING ITEMS SHALL NOT BE SHIPPED UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED BY THE AEROJET ROCKETDYNE PROCUREMENT REPRESENTATIVE.

Contact Bill Nash (425-882-5771) or Victoria Falcon (425-936-5224) (or the buyer if you require additional information regarding supplier quality assurance requirements.