T3 Variable Flow Ducted Rocket (VFDR)

The goal of the T3 program is to develop a high speed, long-range missile that can engage air, cruise missile, and air defense targets. T3's speed, maneuverability, and network-centric capabilities would significantly improve U.S. aircraft survivability and increase the number and variety of targets at risk of destruction.

Propulsion for T3 is a VFDR with an Integral Rocket Booster. The booster propellant is loaded in the ramjet combustor case, providing acceleration to the takeover Mach number needed for ramjet operation. At booster burnout, port covers open to allow airflow into the combustor to burn with fuel from the solid fuel gas generator.

The T3 VFDR consists of the booster case and propellant; gas generator case and fuel; inter-stage; and throttle valve.