Test Facility

One of our testing facilitiesAerojet Rocketdyne owns and operates a World Class Test Facility suited for Direct Connect Test of Ram and Scramjets. The testing environments present are designed for scalability, as they will continue to be well suited for current generation and future missile sizes and outputs of both Scramjets and Ramjets.



Air Generator Process

Process for Air Generation














Instrumentation Type Total Quantity Facility Control Available for Test
Voltage or Strain gage 48 14 34
Thermocouple 144 10 134
Multiplexed Pressure Scanner 336 0 336
Digital Inputs 120 105 15
COAX 25 4 21
Total Quantity 673 133 540


Our existing facility capability is well suited for current and future missile size Ram and Scramjets.

Vitiator Operating Envelopes Chart

Duration and Mach/Altitude Envelopes