Volunteer Spotlight

Business Manager Miki Bennett of the Huntsville office volunteers more than 20 hours a week with Madison Animal Rescue Foundation (MARF).  As founder, director and chairman of the board, she is able to put her management and business management skills to work helping a cause that is near and dear to her heart – helping the lost, stray and abandoned animals of Madison, Alabama and surrounding areas.

As a volunteer, Miki personally works all the adoption events on Saturdays, attends special events, plans and executes fundraising activities, writes grants, coordinates the volunteers and does social media updates.  She is also the liaison with the police captain over animal control and presents to the city council for annual appropriations requests.  She was a foster parent for some time, but after adopting six of her foster pets, she puts her efforts toward other MARF activities.

MARF strives to take all of the animals from Madison Animal Control which has no shelter and no adoption program.  Additionally, it takes animals in need from within the community.  MARF has been helping animals in need for 11 years, saving more than 7,000 animals in that time.  With no shelter of their own, MARF animals are kept in loving foster homes by their amazing and dedicated volunteers.  All MARF animals receive vaccinations, any required care, spay/neuter and microchip prior to being adopted.  MARF has grown from a $15K a year organization with a handful of volunteers, to a nearly $200,000 budget with more than 50 volunteers and fosters.  Helping an animal go from sick, scared, abandoned or simply untrusting to a beautiful healthy happy pet is the most rewarding thing she has ever done.  In addition, MARF has provided low-cost spay and neuter to qualifying families in Madison as well as a number of free microchip clinics.

MARF is always in need of volunteers and fosters to continue its mission to save as many animals as possible.  If you live in the Huntsville area and are interested in volunteering with this great organization, please reach out to Miki.  The organization could use volunteers to help with many outreach efforts, such as: fostering, grant writing, attending adoption events (walking animals, talking to adopters), website design and upkeep, social media updates for dogs, and fundraising/event planning.

If you’d like to learn more about the Madison Animal Rescue Foundation, visit the website at http://www.madisonarf.org/.