Aerojet Rocketdyne is developing the country’s next great rocket engine, the AR1. This 500,000-pound thrust engine incorporates the latest advances in propulsion technology, materials science and manufacturing techniques to deliver an extremely cost-effective, high-performance rocket engine.

Fueled by kerosene and liquid oxygen, the AR1 requires minimal changes to existing launch infrastructure and production facilities. AR1’s choice of propellant combination, high-performance engine cycle, and thrust-level make it an attractive propulsion solution that could be easily configured to support a variety of launch vehicles.


  • All-American design and production
  • Advanced oxygen-rich staged combustion kerosene technology
  • 500,000 lbf thrust (sea level)
  • Propellants: Liquid-oxygen (Lox)/Kerosene (RP-1)
  • Configured to accommodate multiple applications
  • Fast-paced and affordable development
  • Advanced low-cost manufacturing techniques

Our Role

Aerojet Rocketdyne is the industry leader in building liquid-propellant rocket engines and the only company in the United States that has ever developed and flown large booster engines, including the nation’s last three major liquid rocket engines: the RS-68, J-2X, and RS-25. The RS-25, based on the Space Shuttle main engine, is the world’s only reusable, staged combustion rocket engine.