Monopropellant Rocket Engines

  • MR-106L 5.0 lbf REA (Monopropellant)

Enabling exploration to every planet in the solar system

Aerojet Rocketdyne has delivered more than 16,500 hydrazine-fueled monopropellant rocket engines over the past 50 years, providing critical in-space and launch vehicle propulsion for commercial and government missions. These thrusters are typically on the smaller end of the propulsion scale, with thrust levels ranging from 0.09N (0.02 lbf) to 3,100N (700 lbf). Monopropellant engines generate thrust by liquid hydrazine flowing through an open propellant valve into a catalytic decomposition chamber to form gaseous nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia.


On satellites, monopropellant engines are used for various applications including orbital insertion, orbit raising, station keeping, spin control, attitude control and satellite decommissioning. On launch vehicles, they are used for upper stage roll, pitch and yaw control, as well as settling burns.


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