Effective September 1, 2015, unescorted access to all Aerojet Rocketdyne restricted areas at sites and facilities regulated by the Department of Homeland Security will require a Personnel Surety Background Check. Upon contract award and prior to performance of work in any restricted areas, Supplier is required to submit background check applications to a third party vendor, identified by Aerojet Rocketdyne (see details below), for all company employees requiring restricted area access for work performance. Failure to meet these requirements may result in contract termination. Supplier is responsible for the cost of the background check service. The background check will include: a criminal history check, verification and validation of legal authority to work, and verification and validation of identity. Individual company applicants with unfavorable results may be denied access to Aerojet Rocketdyne sites and facilities.

IF YOU HAVE AN EXECUTED CONTRACT THAT FALLS INTO THE CATEGORY DESCRIBED ABOVE, PLEASE FOLLOW THE APPROPRIATE LINK BELOW (note that these links are for qualifying Suppliers with executed contracts ONLY; this will not have any bearing on RFQs or contract bids).

We suggest the latest Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers as well as Internet Explorer 9 or newer for best results using the links below.

AR Location Background Screen Link Invitation Code
Aerojet Ordnance Tennessee (AOT) https://workforce.sterlingdirect.com/InvitationCodePage?InvitationCode=D3209B3FDA4746-3D3BC25B
Camden https://workforce.sterlingdirect.com/InvitationCodePage?InvitationCode=6401906329B846-3D3BC25B
Huntsville https://workforce.sterlingdirect.com/InvitationCodePage?InvitationCode=CD3A11B26F9449-3D3BC25B
Los Angeles https://workforce.sterlingdirect.com/InvitationCodePage?InvitationCode=F6EF1F6ABBC14D-3D3BC25B
Redmond https://workforce.sterlingdirect.com/InvitationCodePage?InvitationCode=779A8722E98D49-3D3BC25B
Orange https://workforce.sterlingdirect.com/InvitationCodePage?InvitationCode=1839B19047664D-3D3BC25B
West Palm Beach (WPB) https://workforce.sterlingdirect.com/InvitationCodePage?InvitationCode=951D0E65788C40-535C313F