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A Rev. Date General Requirements J Rev. Date Quality Records/Retention
AR1 08/29/18 Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space and
Defense Organizations (AS9100) and General Requirements
J01 09/22/08 Record Retention 10 Yrs
AR2 04/20/18 Quality Management Systems – Aerospace Requirements for Distributors J02 09/22/08 Record Retention 15 Yrs
AR3 04/20/18 Inspection and Test Quality System (AS9003) and General Requirements J03 09/22/08 Record Retention 20 Yrs
B   Quality Management Systems J04 11/05/08 As-Built Configuration
B09 11/05/08 Configuration Changes M   Master Agreements
B10 04/12/11 No Change Policy M02 05/08/13 Subcontractor Product Assurance Requirements – L3-FOS
C   Process Control M03 04/22/14 Standard Industry Hardware
C01 10/23/08 FOD_FOE Q   Quality Clauses
C02 03/16/16 Lockheed Martin Approval Q019 04/23/19 Approved Process Source- Deliverable Documentation
C05 02/26/18 Government Qualified Products List Q042 10/28/05 Sub-purchase order/contract Fabrication
C06 10/28/08 X Ray Inspection Plan Q078 04/25/17 Electronic Quality Documentation Package (E-QDP) Supplier Portal
C08 09/25/15 Statistical Process Control Q082 10/28/05 Single Lot-Date-Code (Refer to Q307 below.)
C09 09/25/15 Non-Destructive Evaluation Q100 05/20/19 Aerojet Rocketdyne Source Inspection/Surveillance
C10 10/01/08 No Glass Beads Q101 04/06/15 Government Source Inspection (GSI)
C12 10/11/08 Weld Schedule Q114 10/01/01 Lot Traceability-Manufactured Goods
C15 09/25/15 Product and Process Control Plan (PPCP) Q122 07/30/09 Electrostatic Sensitive Discharge Protection Program
C19 11/13/08 No Halogenated Solvents Q123 07/30/09 Electrostatic Discharge Protection
C23 10/10/13 Silver Plated Copper Corrosion (Red Plague) Q124 10/01/01 Anti-static/Static-Dissipative Packaging-Non-ESD Sensitive Goods
C24 05/30/14 Process Variation Management Q133 10/01/01 Seller's EEE Part Certification
D   Traceability Q134 07/30/09 EEE PRECAP Inspection
D01 10/31/08 Supplier Assigned Serial Numbers Q201L 04/27/12 Government Source Inspection Contracts (Lithium Ion)
D02 10/31/08 Aerojet Assigned Serial Numbers Q202 06/04/01 Government Source Inspection Contracts (SSME Program)
E   Certification Q202R 06/26/15 Government Source Inspection Contracts (RS25 Program)
E02 11/06/08 Stock Item Certification Q204W 09/25/09 Tin Plating (exception)
E03 11/06/08 Shelf Life Requirements Q205 09/06/19 Evidence of Inspections and Tests Performed By Seller
E04 11/06/08 Temperature Sensitivity Q206 09/06/19 Government Source Inspection
E06 11/13/08 Calibration Certification Q207 08/30/19 Physical and Chemical Test Reports Identified to Specific Lots
F   Inspection Q209 06/14/01 Material Safety Data Sheet
F01 09/25/15 First Article Inspection Verification Q210 12/09/02 Supplier Designed Drawing Request (For Standard Catalog Hardware Only)
F02 09/25/15 First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) Q211 10/26/09 Counterfeit Parts Control
F05 11/05/08 Government Quality Assurance Q212 12/10/02 Commercial Material Certification Identification
F07 09/25/15 FAI_Plan Prior to Shipment Q213 07/06/11 Oxygen Compatibility Testing
F09 06/02/10 Supplier Documentation - Aerojet Prior Approval Q216 07/16/01 Weld Repairs of Castings
G   Testing Q217 10/28/05 Hazardous Materials Requirements
G04 10/23/08 Chemical Test Actual Q217C 12/09/13 Hazardous Materials Management
G05 10/23/08 Physical Test Actual Q218 10/28/05 Metallic - Materials Acceptance Testing - Canoga Park
G06 10/11/08 Functional Test Q218C 07/06/11 Metallic - Materials Acceptance Testing - Canoga Park
G07 10/23/08 Pressure or Leak Test Q219 05/20/19 Material Review (MR) Record(s): Nonconformance Report (NCR) documents
G08 10/11/08 Non-Destructive Test Q220 08/08/08 Nondestructive Test Documentation Requirements SSME Program
G09 10/23/08 Process Sample Evaluation Test Q221 04/27/01 Special Procurement Quality Assurance Requirements
G10 10/11/08 Metallurgical Test Q222 06/14/01 Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Protection
G12 10/23/08 Chemical Test Typical Q223 09/06/19 Nondestructive Test (NDT) Source Inspection
G13 10/23/08 Physical Test Typical Q224 11/27/01 Inspection Record Retention (Five Years)
G14 10/11/08 Electrical Test Q227 08/11/01 Inspection Record Retention (Ten years)
G15 10/11/08 Destructive Physical Analysis Test Q234 07/15/13 Product Readiness Review
G17 10/11/08 X Ray Test Q236 04/30/01 Space Station EEE Hardware - Evidence of Lot Date
G18 10/11/08 Acceptance Test Q237 09/25/13 Requirements for Printed Wiring Boards/Flex Circuits
G20 10/14/08 Supplier Inspection Test Data Report Q238 09/25/13 Requirements for Process Producibility Analysis (PPA) Testing of Multilayers
G21 11/05/08 Test Failure Report Control Q239C 10/28/05 Non-Metallic Materials Acceptance Testing
H   Packaging/Identification Q241 11/27/17 ATP Failure Requirement
H01 11/06/08 General Packaging Q242 09/06/19 Manufacturing Qualification Test (MQT), Manufacturing Process Verifications (MPV)
H02 11/10/08 Overseas Packaging Q245 05/02/16 Inspection Record Retention (12 years)
H03 10/14/08 O-Ring Packaging Q246 12/04/17 Serialization and Identification (MIL-STD-1189)
H04 11/10/08 Bulk Rubber Insulation Q247 03/28/18 Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE) 10:1 or 4:1 is acceptable – RS25 Program
H05 11/10/08 Individual Packaging Q248 05/18/18 PW Supersession
H06 11/10/08 Special Handling Q251 02/26/18 Post Award Review
H07 11/10/08 Hazardous Material and Explosives Q252 02/26/18 Supplier Manufacturing Readiness Review (SMRR)
H08 11/06/17 Ammunition Cards Q253 02/26/18 Supplier Manufacturing Readiness Review + Process Control Review (PCR)
H10 07/28/15 Tape and Reel Packaging Q300 04/06/15 Process Mapping and Manufacturing Planning
I   Electronics Q304 04/06/15 Aerojet Rocketdyne Furnished Material or Tooling
I02 10/28/08 Static Sensitive Material – ANSI/ESD-S20.20 Q307 04/06/15 Single Lot Date Code
I03 04/06/15 Tin Content Refer to "Q507" in this table. Q400 04/06/15 Material Testing, Reports and Certifications
I04 10/14/08 Soldering J-STD-001 Q402 04/06/15 Test Coupons, Specimens, or Panels
I08 10/28/08 Plastic Encapsulated Devices Q405 04/06/15 Non Destructive Evaluation Processes
I09 09/06/19 Solder Composition Q507 04/23/19 Tin Content
I10 10/15/08 Rigid PWB Manufacture QI17 12/09/13 EEE Parts Source Control
I12 10/14/08 Microcircuit Manufacture      
I13 10/29/08 Electrical Test Points      
I14 10/14/08 Panel Verification      
I15 11/06/08 Soldering J-STD-001 Space      
I16 11/12/08 OEM_Authorized Distributor Certifications      
I18 05/25/11 Data Package Requirements for Electronic Components      
I19 07/20/15 Date Code 24 Months      

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